The Best Bromo Travel Packages With Low Fares And The Most Complete Facilities

For those of you who join Bromo Tour Package with We will invite you to enjoy the many spots found in Bromo. There are 7 places you will visit that will surely create an unforgettable memory for you and your group. Here is the place:

  • Climbing, Bromo

Climbing or commonly called the sunrise view is one of the main destinations to Bromo, this spot is a place where you can see Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru. In this place you can also watch an impressive sunrise at the top of the climb. With an elevation of about 2770 masl you will enjoy the typical chill of Bromo for 4-10 degrees Celsius.

  • Bukit Widodaren, Bromo

Bukit Widodaren is a spot that goes straight after the climb. Here is the best spot to take a background portrait of Mount Batok, Bukit Widodaren and Spot for a jeep / hardtop background. This dispot you will enjoy the cold mist (which appears around Bromo) and will also be treated to views of the Bromo desert.

  • Pura Luhur Poten, Bromo

Luhur Poten Temple is a religious area that is currently in the stiff of Mount Bromo and Batok. In this temple is usually used for ceremonies for residents of Tengger and its surroundings. Like the ceremony of Yadya Kasada, Nyepi etc. Bromo Tengger residents are mostly Hindus.

  • Crater, Bromo

Bromo Crater is one of the active craters found in Indonesia. This spot is the main spot and the charm of Bromo itself. Bromo Crater always publishes sulfur and for a certain amount of time the sulfur rises is no less than usual.

  • Whispering Sand, Bromo

The Whispering Sand area is a complex in the Bromo area that is familiar for film collection. Noted the film Kick from the Sky and Satria Bergitar (Rhoma Irama) using this whispering sand setting. In this place you will hear the sound of sand like a whisper.

  • Padang Savana, Bromo

In Bromo there is also a Savana field, here you will witness the beauty of the Bromo meadows coupled with the blooming of flowers. Very suitable for a pre wedding place because of the romantic impression.

  • Bukit Teletubbies, Bromo

The only place with the theme of Teletubbies in Indonesia is only in Bromo. This spot is a green hill spot that is the most refreshing eye. You can enjoy portraits or self-portraits with the freshest background of the hills and Bromo grass.

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